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Professional preparation for new cars

Professional preparation for new cars

This service is for customers taking delivery of brand new cars who wish to have their car prepared, detailed & protected to a much higher standard than that of the dealership.

It is not uncommon to take delivery of brand new cars with paint defects such as light swirl marks, holograms or marring, normally a course or combination of poor dealership washing & waxing techniques.

Paint work contamination is also very common on new cars, pre-delivered vehicles may stand in outside storage for a number of months, if not years, exposed to the elements, industrial fall out, tree sap etc.

What we do

The vehicle will go through a paint decontamination stage to remove any embedded contaminates in the paint work such as industrial fall out, tree sap.

Receive a single stage machine polish to remove the light swirls, holograms & marring to reveal the true natural finish of the paint.

The paint is then cleansed with a pre wax cleaner, & a high grade carnauba wax or professional grade paint sealant applied leaving a glossy water proof barrier to protect the paint for up to 12 months at a time.

The Process

  • Snow foam the vehicle allow to dwell / rinse
  • Chemically de-tar paint & wheels
  • Thorough hand wash with lambs wool mitt / pH neutral shampoo / 2 bucket system
  • Clean door / boot jams / filler cap
  • Clean wheel arches / tyres
  • Clean wheels including inner rim & brake calipers
  • Clay bar paint to remove contaminates embedded in the paint work
  • Paint cleansed with a pre wax cleaner
  • Carnauba wax & / or sealant applied to paint & door jams
  • Wheels waxed & sealed with a protective wheel wax
  • Exhaust tail pipe cleaned & polished
  • Chrome polished & sealed
  • Tyres / bumpers dressed
  • Engine bay cleaned & dressed
  • Exterior glass polished
  • Interior glass polished
  • Interior vacuumed / dusted & dressed
  • TV / DVD / sat nav - screen polished
  • Single stage machine polish
Price from £350.00
Time taken Full day