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Sports,Executive & Prestige Car Specialist

Valet Services



Ideally suited for brand new, nearly new or vehicles in excellent condition but require a long lasting sealant or canuaba wax application.

What we do

The vehicle will go through a paint decontamination process to remove any embedded contaminates.

The paint is then cleansed & carnauba wax or paint sealant applied to protect the paint.

The completed vehicle will be smooth as glass to touch, have "wet looking paint" with brilliant depth & clarity & adequate protection to last for up to 4 months at a time.

Detail process
  • Snow foam the vehicle allow to dwell / rinse
  • Chemically de-tar paint & wheels
  • Thorough hand wash with lambs wool mitt / pH neutral shampoo / 2 bucket system
  • Clean door / boot jams / filler cap
  • Clean wheel arches / tyres
  • Clean wheels including inner rim & brake calipers
  • Clay bar paint to remove contaminates embedded in the paint work
  • Paint cleansed with a pre wax cleaner
  • Carnauba wax & / or sealant applied to paint & door jams
  • Wheels waxed & sealed with a protective wheel wax
  • Exhaust tail pipe cleaned & polished
  • Chrome polished & sealed
  • Tyres / bumpers dressed
  • Exterior glass polished
Price from £200
Time taken 5 -8 hours

Protection detail

As exterior protection detail plus :
  • Vacuum / dust & dress interior
  • Polish interior glass / vanity mirrors
  • Polish TV / DVD / sat-nav screens
Price from £235
Time taken 6 -9 hours